Monday, September 13, 2010

NYC to Chengdu

A long circuitous route has brought me to the decision to go to China. This is more than another bend in the road.  It is a fresh start. A new beginning,but really what other kind is there? I have packed my bags with tokens of my past: small personal treasures to comfort me during the coming year in this ancient land.
But they weigh a ton! So I am repacking for the fourth and final time. Whatever I have to take already resides within my heart and it isn't heavy anymore. What freedom at last. At least now I can actually lift my suitcases. I have chosen to teach English to young children.There is nothing like the atmosphere created by little ones Their sweet smiles and joy of discovery will carry me into each day as I learn about the beauty of their families, their land and  their culture. You can come too.

First ingredient: anticipation